Financial Literacy Conference with NIE, MOE and Veteran Entrepreneurs

Aside from the day-to-day tech craze and numbers crunching, we also believed in paying it forward.

Assembling the entrepreneurs from tech to traditional, we formed the panel and gave our opinions on how to instill the entrepreneurial spark in each child and discussed with the directors of curriculum on what might be good to equip the children with – such that the skills that they graduate with will be what employers will look out for.

Our group CEO, Eddie Lee, was joined by veteran business owners, such as Adrin Loi, Chairman of Ya Kun Coffee, and Richard Eu, Group CEO of Eu Yan Sang

Besides the private session with the curriculum officials, we also shared our thoughts with fellow teachers over a open dialogue forum.

Lastly, we will like to thank NIE and MOE for organising this meaningful event for our future generations of Elon Musks, Mark Zuckerbergs, and Eric Schmidts from SG!