SeedIn at Singapore Polytechnic Business School

At SeedIn, we believe in empowering and supporting SMEs, what more aspiring young entrepreneurs who desire to turn their creativity and capabilities into reality.

Together with Singapore Polytechnic (SP), SeedIn co-sponsored the seed money to 6 young start-up finalists as part of SP Business School’s Annual Entrepreneurship Seed Fund Pitching Competition, to help them kick-start their business. The finalists were judged by a panel which includes our Group CEO, Eddie Lee, and 4 other senior lecturers from SP.

The students are also mentored by seasoned entrepreneurs who offer invaluable tips on what it takes to operate a successful business. In which, Eddie mentored Gryffin, a technology start-up with Saas (Software as a Service) Model.

To all the young start-ups: Welcome to the path less chosen and we wish you all the best for your businesses!