Seedin Technology and Denarii collaborate to bring Filipinos closer to home

August 15, 2021 – Seedin Technology, the Philippines’ largest business crowdfunding platform, and Denarii, a Dubai-based money transfer app, announced a partnership to expand investment opportunities for Filipinos in the Middle East.

Seedin is one of Asia’s leading small business financing platforms. Seedin’s app and web platform connect investors and businesses, enabling businesses to access alternative sources of financing and investors to diversify their investment portfolios.

Denarii is a trusted money transfer app based in the Middle East. It enables expats to send money to their home country, pay bills, do e-load, or buy travel tickets via mobile application without having to visit banks or MTOs for that.

Denarii customers can now use their Denarii Mobile App to support and finance Filipino SMEs seeking additional funding to expand their businesses via Seedin’s platform. Investors can fund their Seedin accounts by simply selecting Seedin in the Denarii App’s category. This collaboration demonstrates both companies’ commitment to empowering millions of Filipinos globally and promoting financial inclusion for all.


“We are very excited to work with Denarii to provide more financial access to millions of Filipinos in helping to solve the issue of SME financial gap and help more businesses in the Philippines with their everyday challenges.”
Edison Tsai, Executive Director of Seedin Technology –

“This partnership can bring ease to Filipinos and open more investment opportunities for them in order to use their money through a properly regulated, supervised, and safe platform.”
Jon Santillan, CEO of Denarii –

For more information, download the Seedin or Denarii app for free from Google Play or Apple App store.

About Seedin Technology

Seedin is Southeast Asia’s leading Business Financing Platform where local businesses seeking short-term financing connect with individuals and businesses seeking short-term investments. SMEs can achieve their potential through Seedin’s alternative financing platform by reducing cash-flow gaps and enhancing their capital growth. Businesses can expect a lower cost of credit than other traditional alternative financing companies and a short fund-processing period. For investors, Seedin provides alternative investments with annualized returns starting from 7% which come in the form of Monthly Repayments and provides a platform for investment reviewing and monitoring of crowdfunding projects.

About Denarii App

Denarii is a UAE-based mobile app founded in 2018. It is a member of Misk500, Hub71, MBRIF, and Dubai Chambers. Denarii enables money transfer using a mobile app to help Filipinos to send money home cheaper, better with no hidden charges. Along with money transfer, it provides other services to users which include making investments, Bills payments, and E-load. It is fast, convenient, and includes built-in security technology to ensure all your data is safe and secure.