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1. General
a. What is SeedIn?
SeedIn is Southeast Asia’s leading business financing platform where local businesses seeking short-term financing connect with business entities seeking short-term investments.
b. Why invest with SeedIn?
SeedIn provides short- term tenured investments and offer competitive returns with monthly interest rates repayments. Additionally, projects are scrutinized under strict credit risk assessment and are often secured by collaterals. To find out more benefits of investing with SeedIn, do refer to
c. Why SeedIn's short-term investment?
Short-term investments make the most of your liquid funds in a short period of time. As such, you could fully utilize liquid funds which are required in the near future to invest in SeedIn to earn high returns in the meanwhile.

Short-term investments provide more liquidity than long-term investments due to quicker turn-over rates, allowing more profits on your assets to remain liquid and reusable. However, it offers little or no interests. In contrast, our returns are higher than Traditional Financial Service Products with similar tenures.
d. Who can access the platform?
Only registered members of SeedIn can gain access to the information and services provided by the platform.
e. How can I register?
Registration can only be completed with an assigned portfolio executive referral ID. If you do not have one, do follow the steps on the website (
f. Can investors contact businesses directly?
Upon registration, members undertake and agree not to contact members directly or to attempt to enter into any transactions with other users of the platform other than through SeedIn's official platform and services.
g. What if there is a breach of the Terms of Use by a member?
SeedIn serves the right to suspend or terminate the account if it appears to us that the member or the account has been used in breach of this Terms of Use or any applicable laws.
h. How secure is Privacy and Data Protection on SeedIn?
All personal information collected on the platform may be provided to third parties in connection with their services provided (including without limitation, professional services provided by credit bureaus, debt collection companies and/ or law firms).

SeedIn shall be entitled to share the information collected on the platform with its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies so long as the disclosure complies with regulatory requirements.
i. What are the Risk Underwriting Processes and Procedures?
Issuers will have to submit the following documents for credit assessment:
  • DTI Certificate or SEC Certificate with latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
  • Audited Financial Statements (AFS) with Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the latest 1-3 years, stamped received by BIR
  • Interim FS if available and/or management report (balance sheet and income statement)
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable ageing report as at most recent month end (with contact details of the suppliers/customers)
  • Recent 6 months statement of account for all corporate bank account
  • Trade references and their contact persons and contact details (3 major suppliers and customers)
  • Statement of collaterals such as property, surety, guarantee, or accounts receivables to be used
The credit department will run checks on the following:
  • From the financials, the credit department will gauge the financial leverage and health of issuers;
  • From the bank statements, the credit department will look out for indication of bounced cheques, frequent overdrafts and sales volume;
  • The credit department will detect from the debtors/ creditors aging report on any significant payment overdue.
a. How much does it cost to list a funding request on SeedIn?
Neither does SeedIn charge any upfront fee nor hidden charges. The total cost for borrowing (interest rates and platform fee) is inclusive in the interest rate, which is dependent on the different circumstances of each SME issuer.
b. What are SeedIn's criteria for each funding request?
SeedIn currently has a minimum requirement for businesses to be either registered as a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation Entity(s).
c. Does SeedIn accept funding requests from all countries?
No, SeedIn will only accept funding requests from businesses registered in the Philippines.
d. What kind of information must I provide to SeedIn?
Issuers will have to submit the following documents for credit assessment:
  • DTI Certificate or SEC Certificate with latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
  • Audited Financial Statements (AFS) with Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the latest 1-3 years, stamped received by BIR
  • Interim FS if available and/or management report (balance sheet and income statement)
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable ageing report as at most recent month end (with contact details of the suppliers/customers)
  • Recent 6 months statement of account for all corporate bank account
  • Trade references and their contact persons and contact details (3 major suppliers and customers)
  • Statement of collaterals such as property, surety, guarantee, or accounts receivables to be used
e. How do I submit the required documents?
You may submit your funding application on our website, Registration and Login are required.
f. I have submitted my application, what should I do next?
Once the initial submission on our platform is reviewed, one of our underwriters will contact you if there is a good fit to discuss the funding in detail and to explain the following procedures. The more information you provide in the initial assessment, the higher your chances of getting the funding successfully.

For further inquiry, please feel free to email
g. How long is the funding process?
Once we receive all of the information required, we will contact the SME owner for further discussions and questions. The credit risk team and underwriter will proceed to review the business, provide terms for the funding and obtain agreement from the business owner.

The underwriter, having satisfied with the due diligence, will prepare a Credit Memo for internal approval and review from our Credit Risk Committee, the funding is scheduled to close. A funding can be closed as quickly as three days; depending on how quickly the business owner prepares his/her documentation.
h. Will my business information and financials be made public?
All information submitted to SeedIn is strictly kept private and confidential.
i. How do you keep my personal information secure?
SeedIn ensures that all sensitive data is encrypted with bank-level encryption. We employ the use of a proprietary secured one-time password through your mobile phone in order to access your account to avoid security weakness associated with SMS password delivery.

While our crowd funding platform is secured in the Google cloud, all sensitive data is protected in a local server. Our platform only acts as a medium and does not store any sensitive data.
j. Can I withdraw my funding request once it is submitted to the platform?
No, once the funding request is uploaded, it cannot be withdrawn. The contracts would have been signed and legally binding.
k. Why should I use SeedIn over traditional ways of borrowing funds?
SeedIn is dedicated to assess all funding applications with competitive rates quickly so that SME owners may focus more time on running their business. Being a crowd funding platform, we have the ability to craft flexible capital structures that will complement your business plans. We endeavour to build a community of investors who have faith in your business model and are looking forward to your eventual success.

Coupled with great customer service and our dedication to help SMEs grow healthily, you may receive the benefits of technology, e-commerce and online social community all at once.
l. What happens if my funding request is not fully subscribed?
SeedIn employs the concept of pre-funding; we invest our own money into the funding before releasing it on our crowd funding platform. If the funding request is not fully subscribed, the remaining funding positions will be retained by us.
Registration and Account Information
a. What are the procedures for Retail/Qualified Investor Registration, Top-Up and Investing in Projects?
You can download the Retail/Qualified Investor Manual for step-by-step guide.
b. What are the required document(s) for an individual investor?
Customer identification requirements may include, but not limited to, knowing their name, address, nature of work, date and place of birth, nationality, and their contact numbers

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) recognizes the following IDs:

Passport, Driver's License, SSS Card, GSIS E-Card, NBI Clearance, PRC ID, Police Clearance, Postal ID, Voter's ID, Barangay Certification, Senior Citizen Card, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID, OFW ID, Seaman's Book, Alien Certification of Registration (ACR), Government Office and GOCC ID, e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP ID), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF ID), Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification, Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID, Company IDs issued by private entities or institutions registered or supervised or regulated by either BSP, SEC or IC
c. Who qualifies as a corporate investor?
Any Philippine-registered corporate body (with DTI/SEC Registration) can be qualified as a corporate investor.
d. What are the required document(s) for a corporate investor?
Certified true copy of the latest DTI Certificate, or SEC Certificate with General Information Sheet (GIS)
e. How do investors submit the required documents?
Retail/Qualified Investors can upload the documents via our website as prompted during the registration process.
f. How long does it take for the registration to be approved?
After all the required documents are submitted, SeedIn will review the documents and registration can be approved within 3 working days.
g. Can I still register with SeedIn if I am not a Philippines citizen?
Yes, but it depends on your nationality and special circumstances. Kindly contact us for further information. Otherwise, we only restrict to investors who are Philippine Citizens to participate in our product offerings. Retail/Qualified Investors who fall under this category must have both Philippine-based mobile number and bank account in order to qualify.
h. My contact information has changed, how do I go about updating it?
Due to security reasons, sensitive information pertaining to investor profile cannot be changed. They are namely your registered email address, bank details and your mobile number. In order to make a change, please get in touch with SeedIn Philippines.
i. What charges are applicable to investors?
In consideration of SeedIn providing the Platform and Services to you, as an Retail/Qualified Investor, we charge a Risk Management Fee of at least 10% of the Interest Earned. The Risk Management Fee shall be deducted from the proceeds of repayment of the Participation Amount and Dividends due to you pursuant to the terms of the Participation Agreement. The proceeds, net of the Risk Management Fee, shall be deposited into the Escrow Account and held in escrow on your behalf. Proceeds are subject to 20% Creditable Withholding Tax (CWT). These fees are charged to cover the costs associated with the administrative, servicing and compliance. Kindly refer to SeedIn's Terms of Use for full information.

j. What is the minimum amount I can invest?
The minimum investment amount will differ depending on size of the project.
k. What happens to my credits after I invest in an existing project?
The credits will be immediately allocated into the selected project and cannot be used to participate in another project.
l. What is the duration of my investment?
Your funds will be invested for the term of your specific funding. The business funding terms usually range from one to twelve months. SeedIn's average funding term is between three to six months.
m. How are my interest yields returned to me?
Each of SeedIn's Participation Contract states clearly that monthly interest distributions occur on a fixed day of each month. This fixed day is based on the date of maturity of the Participation Contract. If the investor subscribes to a product offering after the start of the funding date, the first month's interest distribution will be pro-rated.

For example, SeedIn places a product offering online whereby the subscription period is between 13th July and 20th July and the maturity period is 20th Dec. If your funds are clear into our accounts and you invest in the product offering anytime between the subscription period, you will receive the full interest distributions made on the 20th of each month until maturity.

If you started investing on the offering after 20th July and your funds are clear into our accounts, for e.g 31st July; you will receive an interest distribution on 20th August for twenty one days from 31st July to 20th August. At the maturity date of the Participation Contract, you will receive a full payment of your principal and final interest distribution.
n. Can I participate in multiple projects?
Yes, you can participate in more than one project as long as you have sufficient credits in your SeedIn account.
o. Can I still make an investment even if the request is fully subscribed?
No, when a project is fully subscribed, it will no longer be available for subscriptions.
p. I am not an accredited investor but want to invest, how may I do so?
SeedIn is committed to building wealth through passive income investing and providing better access to investment opportunity. Currently, we are only accepting accredited, institutional investors and private investors with relevant investment experience.
q. Through my investment, do I own a fraction of the offering?
When you invest in a SeedIn product offering, you are investing through our Participation Contract. The contract states that the investor will receive a declared interest rate for a declared term that is reliant on the underlying funding between SeedIn and the SME issuer. Therefore, the Participation Contract is a contract between the investor and SeedIn.

While the investor does not have any ownership on the said funding or its security, the Participation Contract gives the investor an interest, shared with other investors who have funded the offering. Therefore, the investor obtains a right to receive monthly interest disbursements as well as the return of the principal sum when the SME issuer makes full payment on the funding.
r. What are the interest rates on your proposed offerings?
Interest rates will differ from offering to offering but generally range from 7% to 10% per annum. As each funding is different, the interest rate is determined by a multitude of factors, inclusive of risk. SeedIn focuses mainly on funding for short-term working capital; therefore they are able to carry higher interest rates compared to other financing options.
s. When will you receive your contract?
An online contract will be generated and emailed to your registered email immediately upon subscription. Alternatively, you may log in to your user dashboard to view and download your contract.
t. Under what circumstances will the contract be void?
The contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Republic of the Philippines and the parties to the contract shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Philippines.

The contract will be reassigned to SeedIn in the Event of Default, i.e. when the repayments have not been fulfilled or made in full by the sellers, and SeedIn, with the Power of Attorney to act on behalf of both principal parties, will take over as the legal principal of the assigned invoices.
u. Can I transfer or sell my contract to another party?
The contract agreement is non-transferrable and is strictly between you and the issuer.
v. Is my money safe in SeedIn?
All members' monies are held in a segregated account with our Partner Bank(s) Trust Group. Other than the minimum balance funded by SeedIn to avoid unnecessary bank charges, at no time will the funds of SeedIn co-mingle with members' monies.

We do not use members' monies for any daily operations.

Audits will be performed by appointed 3rd party auditors at the end of each calendar year.
w. How do I check my account balance with SeedIn?
You can log on to your registered account to view your statement of account.
x. Do I earn interest for the idling credits (credits that are not currently funded into projects) held with SeedIn?
No. As we are not a deposit-taking institution, the funds are held in a non-interest bearing bank account.
y. What happens if I do not withdraw my idling balance with SeedIn?
SeedIn will be issuing a notice for your idling funds after 1 month. If your idling balance remains in your account after 90 days, SeedIn will proceed to credit the balance back to your registered bank account with SeedIn.
z. How can I withdraw my credits from SeedIn?
You can withdraw idling credits from your SeedIn dashboard under the tab: Withdraw Funds. The money will be transferred to your bank account maintained in our records within 3-5 working days (Login required).
aa. What happens to SeedIn when main interest rates rise?
A rise in interest rates will have a negative effect on the business market, as it will make funding more expensive for SME issuers. We are not able to predict or confirm if or when main interest rates will rise and how it might affect the sentiment for business expansion and working capital.

SeedIn is of the opinion that businesses must continue to thrive in both good and bad times. Funding is necessary for both business expansion and cash flow conservation; opportunities for business funding will therefore still be available. Nevertheless, SeedIn will constantly monitor the economy and interest rate movement as necessary to provide synergy between investors and issuers.
bb. What happens to SeedIn when the economy faces another downturn?
SeedIn is not able to predict trends in the economic cycle but opportunity exists in every business industry in different points of the economic cycle. During a market downturn, particular industries will continue to thrive and provide a suitable return in return for your investment.

It is our intention to ensure that funding opportunities that are well suited in particular points of the economic cycle is made accessible to our investors.
cc. Are these investments risky?
Yes, business funding investments are similar to investing in stock markets. It is difficult to know how and when the market conditions will change and affect the underlying funding in the product offering.

Retail/Qualified Investors are reminded to review the due diligence of each product offering, terms of use and Participation Contract to gain a full understanding of the product characteristics.
dd. Is my investment secured?
No. However, SeedIn has a set of legal mechanisms and contingency plans in place to mitigate such risks. In a worst case scenario, we are able to liquidate the asset and have reasonable expectation of being able to return most or our investors' entire principal.
ee. What is pre-funding?
SeedIn is one of the first debt crowd funding platforms in Asia to pioneer the use of "pre-funding" by investing its own money into the business financing. Every project we pre-fund proves our confidence in the business funding request, our risk assessment methods and due diligence methodology.

By way of pre-funding, we are able to secure higher interest rates and still retain issuers because of the speed and efficiency we provide in each offering we fund. Pre-funding also allows us to accelerate deal closing so that investors are able to earn their interest more quickly.

Traditional crowd funding requires all investors to wait until full funding is committed before a funding can be syndicated. Often, the time taken for full funding could be up to a month or even not occur at all.
ff. Will SeedIn retain a position in every funding?
Currently, SeedIn does not maintain a consistent position across each of its funding. We allow our investors to fill up 100% of the financing we pre-fund. However, we reserve the right to retain a position for each funding and may do so in the future. If an offering is not fully funded by investors, we will retain a position in the offering because we have already pre-funded it.
gg. What happens to my investment when a issuer defaults on a funding?
Although SeedIn makes a significant effort in keeping the risk of funding default to a minimum, all funding have an inherent amount of risk; investors may lose their entire investment.

SeedIn has a issuer default process in place to manage the situation as soon as possible by working with the SME issuer to understand the reason behind the default. Primarily, we would like to reach to an amicable solution with the issuer to protect the interests of the investors.

That withstanding, SeedIn has a set of legal mechanisms and contingency plans in place to mitigate such risks. We highly encourage our investors to understand each product offering clearly to understand the investment better.
hh. What if the issuer needed more money for his business?
During the course of our due diligence, apart from reviewing the SME ability to repay the funding, we also look into the capacity for the business to take on extra debt. This is necessary in the event of a possible default.

Generally, SeedIn would review the SME funding request and fund only as much as necessary for its working capital needs. Thus investors might see a funding request being separated into tranches to ensure the SME has the capability to repay.
ii. Are funding from SeedIn considered alternative assets?
Yes. Investments beyond traditional stocks, bonds, and cash are known as alternative asset classes. Alternative asset classes can include anything from commercial real estate and private equity to luxury watches and antiques.

Be advised that alternative asset classes are not appropriate for everyone. SeedIn investors must verify their investor status. SeedIn is not a registered financial advisor and does not make any financial recommendations. You should always consult a qualified financial or investment professional knowledgeable about your risk tolerance and objectives before investing in new opportunities.
jj. How does SeedIn underwrite funding?
Risk assessment is one of our highest priorities. High quality SMEs and good business operators are fundamental to the success of our platform. We employ a rigorous traditional underwriting process to craft detailed due diligence on prospective SME issuers.

The conditions of the local market, performance of the particular industry and risk profile of the SME issuer are reviewed so that we only curate professional and/or experienced businesses onto our platform for investor review.

We have an independent panel of experienced business professionals and investors on our Credit Risk Committee to advise on the risks involved across industries to give a better assessment of the funding.

Generally, we arrange secured lending and third party guarantee so that in a worst case scenario, we are able to liquidate the asset and have reasonable expectation of being able to recover most of our exposure.

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