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Filipinos for the success of Filipino SMEs

Invest, diversify and earn with the largest P2B crowdfunding platform in the Philippines!

What is SeedIn?


P2B Business Financing

Asia’s leading P2B Crowdfunding Platform that allows you to help local SMEs seeking short-term financing.

Grow your money

With a average of 10% p.a. return and maximum 12 months per project, and invest for as low as Php 1,000 only!

Social Investment

Through social lending and impact investment opportunities, you help improve local businesses and provide capital for their growth!

How does it work?

  • 1. Register to Seedin

    Download our mobile app on Google Play or App Store and register as Investor by providing required information and identifications.

  • 2. Top up your Seedin account

    Deposit your initial investment fund through bank transfer, online banking or ewallets (Gcash/Coins.ph).

  • 3. Select a project to invest

    Assess, choose and invest on a project for a minimum of Php 1,000 only!

  • 4. Investment Successful

    Once your investment in a project is successful, pledged funds will be placed on-hold while the project is completing its subscription.

  • 5. Monthly Repayments

    Once a project is closed, it will enter its repayment period where investors will receive monthly payouts according to the project payments terms.

Join the exciting world of P2B business financing and start making a difference!


Why Borrow?

Join the thousand of business who’ve received financing

Approval within 7 days

You can receive a decision in as fast as 7 days.

We say "yes" more than traditional financiers

We fund SMEs based on the growth prospects of your business - not just your financial history.

100% focused on SME Growth

Unlike traditional financiers, you won't be just another loan. You will have your own dedicated Client Advisor to speak to.

Flexible Financing

Short term financing options from 1-12 months, with balloon or equal payment terms. We are flexible like your business.

A good deal

Fixed interest rate. No hidden fees. Completely transparent.

A brand you can trust

We have successfully funded hundreds of SMEs across Southeast Asia.

How it works?

See If I Qualify

Complete our simple online application form, it only takes a few minutes. We will contact you and discuss your application and options.

Receive Approval

We will verify your eligibility and confirm facility amount.

Get Funds

Sign your documentation and funds will be transferred to your nominated account. Many of our customers are funded within 5 days of approval.

Why Invest?

Invest with a peace of mind securely and efficiently


You can help SMEs through our business financing platform, while earning high-yield returns for each project invested.

5%+ Annual Returns

You now have the opportunity to earn attractive returns from an asset class which was only made available to Institutional Investors in the past.

1 to 12 Months Returns

SeedIn provides short-term investments ranging from 1-12 months.

Monthly Repayment

You will not be required to wait for the full tenure before receiving their repayment. Monthly balloon or equal repayments are available per project.

Fixed Returns

Each project provides a fixed return that is stated at the beginning of each project. You will be able to manage your finances easliy and predictably.

Secured Business Loan

Each loan is secured through collateral or gurantee from the business to ensure fixed returns for each project.

Quality Issuers

All SMEs go through a strict due diligence process to make sure the business is able to repay the loan and maintain a good credit standing.

Social Impact

Through our platform, we are able to improve the SME sector where businesses struggle to receive the financing they need.


Alfred Auto Invest

Alfred is a preference based auto-investing feature that allows you to decide how much to invest in each project, so you can get your funds allocated in advance prior to reviewing the fact sheet and review the loan.

Easy to use dashboard

We’ve put a lot of work into creating an intuitive dashboard that makes it is incredibly simple to manage your funds, investments, and payouts, all from the same place. Manage your account balance and opportunities to easily make new investments, withdrawals, and deposits.

Track investments on every device

You can take your SeedIn account with you anywhere, on any device. Make sure you never miss a great investment opportunity with the ability to manage your dashboard on the go. It’s like having an investment in your pocket.

Detailed alerts management

Getting in on the best deals is all about timing and knowledge, so we let you fine-tune the amount of information we send you down to the minutest detail. Whether you want to know about every single investment opportunity as it arises, simply prefer broader updates or anything in between, we have you covered.

Get access to secured property deals and start earning great returns on your investment.